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Reminder, this is not a research paper nor an assignment to only include facts and details of the video. Use that information to articulate and write an intelligent marketing commentary that showcases what you’ve learned in the class and weeks prior. Link to video: http://www.hulu.com/watch/452204 For this assignment, respond to this prompt: Watch the video above about the New Orleans Marriott and about the corporate entity of Marriott hotels. You’ll watch a bit about the history, the competitive makeup and their attention to details in their service, given credit to the standardization model of the hotel experience. Briefly describe this New Orleans location featured about who are the common customers and what does the revenue makeup look like? From this example, think about Product from our class and describe the Marriott Product. Describe their “science of room pricing” and Revenue Management process. What is the role of the Department of Customer Knowledge in this question? Ultimately in an industry that is highly competitve, often compared and decided on by price, does their model give them a competitive advanvantage? Why or why not? Does that hurt or it does not hurt their brand overall? Last, what is your overall impression on how they differentiate and market their brand? What is something you really like? Don’t like? Or a new idea / opportunity? Use what you’ve learned in the class so far and think back to the previous topics and themes discussed. Is there something from a previous writing assignment that comes to mind? Use articles, resources, social media, or other websites/information to backup your claims.: