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Creative Writing Essay

The Revolutionary War is over, and the Americans have successfully united to overthrow British rule to establish a new country. Yet divisions have started to emerge between the Federalists and Antifederalists. Write a political broadside (like a letter that you would post in a public place) urging your neighbors to join either the Federalist or Antifederalist cause. Why do you think one or the other will do the best job of defending personal liberty, promoting the development of the United States, and/or keeping the new nation united? What fears do you have if the other side gets its way?Paper RubricGoalDescriptionMarkContent and EvidenceThis is the most important goal! Paper issupported by relevant evidence from the primary sources (i.e., weekly readings), lectures, textbook, and other course material. Your paper should use information from at least one of the primary sources from class. You should only use course material, and not outside resources without prior permission.Analysis/Critical ThinkingThe paper demonstrates that you havethought critically about the essay question and have considered all aspects of the question. Utilizes documentary and other evidence to make a reasoned historical argument.OrganizationPaper is organized in a logical manner withclear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.MechanicsThe essay is polished, free of grammaticalerrors, answers all parts of the question, and meets the length requirements. Your paper includes citations in parentheses of information from textbook, documents, or other course material.StylePaper considers the style of writingdemanded by the essay question (i.e., letter, diary entry, etc.).: