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A Christmas Carol Annotated bib

A Christmas Carol Annotated bibOrder DescriptionAnnotated bibliography on the Novel A Christmas Carol. The theme for this paper” THAT MAN IS INHERENTLY EVIL.” This professor is very strict. PLEASE DO NOT USE SPARK NOTES OR CLIFF NOTES. NEED A WRITER WHO HAS READ THE NOVEL” A CHRISTMAS CAROL” by Charles Dickens.Annotated bibliography must contain at least 3 CREDIBLE CITED CRITICISM.The First paragraph should have something about Charles Dickens background, the protagonist (scrooge), how he relates to man is inherently evil, and how Charles Dicken’s (author) relates to the theme Man is inherently evil in the Novel “The Christmas Carol.” Please note in his background info: worked at rodent-ridden factory called Warrens Blacking in 1827, earned 6 shillings week labeling pots of “blacking” substance used to clean fireplaces.he second paragraph –Pick a poem (Attached is a list of poems out of our literature book that you need to use paragraph – cite the poem. Write about the author explaining how he relates to the theme (man is inherently evil.The third paragraph- pick any credible book or movie and possibly a poem that relates to the theme (man is inherently evil.