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Part 1 Evidence Based Project

Part 1 Evidence Based ProjectOrder DescriptionPart 1: Introduction****Dear writer: thank you for your great work this week. Please follow with what has been written .• Summarize the practice issue in need of change providing background information and the perceived significance of the problem: Issue to present is lack of compliance when females do not screen on a yearly basis for ovarian cancer.• Describe the specific aims of the project – what improved outcomes do you hope to achieve: Hoping to improve compliance of females by offering a free transvaginal ultrasound with their annual check up.• State your question in PICOT format, labeling each part with P-I-C-O-T in parentheses• Discuss the significance of the issue in terms of poor outcomes, cost, etc.:Please include three references within the last 5 years and evidence based on articles and journals found regarding the issue.