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What is the role of celebrity endorsement in media communication?

What is the role of celebrity endorsement in media communication?Order DescriptionYou are required to research the topic of “celebrity endorsement as a media communication tool” and write a literary review and analysis. Students will be asked to provide a literary review, critical analysis and commentary on academic theory regarding “The role that celebrity endorsements play in the media communications plan.” You will need to do secondary research on the topic using textbooks and journal articles.Report Structure:For the report, you are required to structure your document as follows:– Cover page– Abstract (a short paragraph on what the paper is about)– Page content (parts 1,2,3,4)– The report body (literature review, discussion and relevant sub-headings)– Conclusion– References– AppendixNOTE* you(the writer) will only have to write report body, conclusion and references obviously…Details: Take a critical approach based on journal articles, textbooks and websites. Topic areas should be based on multiple sources to demonstrate in-depth research.Structure the assignment based on the funnel approach. Explain the concept from different perspectives i.e. compare and contrast and the concepts. Then focus on the specifics of the assignment i.e. how these concepts/factors support and maintain branding.Use illustrative examples to reinforce the analysis and the concepts.Clearly link the conclusion/recommendations to the previous analysis.Marking criteria:• Referencing, structure and general presentation – 10%• Research – use of journal articles, textbooks and websites with more marks for balance between journal articles and textbooks. The more sources used (cited and included in the list of references) the more credible and convincing the research. Structure your analysis so that contextual information on main topics such as media channels; decision-making factors; consumer behaviour; branding and media communication models are critically analysed. -20%• Discussion – The discussion should focus on how media communications works with the above to maintain and support brands or integrate the theme throughout the discussion. There should also be a discussion on how decisions made for celebrity endorsements can affect the image of a brand. Use one or two media campaign examples to support your discussion – 60%• Conclusion – summary of the main findings – 10%